Photo-realistic Shading e Rendering

Photo-realistic 3-D Real time shading e Professional photo-realistic 3D Rendering e Lighting

CMS IntelliCAD permette facilmente di creare progetti 3-D usando i 3-D drawing tools. Tu puoi vedere le hidden-line, le versioni shadate dei tuoi modelli 3-D o librerie esistenti  3-D con un semplice  click .

CMS IntelliCAD permette facilmente di creare progetti 3-D usando i 3-D drawing tools. Tu puoi avere sul display hidden-line, shaded, o versioni pienamente renderizzate dei tuoi modelli 3D o le librerie 3D esistentiaries con un semplice  click. Tu puoi scegliere professional-quality, opzioni di preset per il  lighting, surface materials, e sfondi. Con le sofisticate possibilita' di  raytracing di IntelliCAD, puoi produrre photo-realistic 3-D renderings.

Now providing even more advanced rendering tools, CMS IntelliCAD includes an additional rendering interface with ARTISAN, which makes creating high-quality photo-realistic images from your drawings quick and easy. With a few clicks, choose from a wide range of pre-set materials and lighting setups, and your drawing is rendered. Further customization is easy too, including creation of custom realistic materi­als.
This add-on is available as a separate standalone installer that ALL CMS IntelliCAD v8.2 (standalone or cloud) users can find at the downloads section of this website.

Download Artisan render for CMS IntelliCAD

As you create three-dimensional entities, the program displays both wire-frame and surface models in wire-frame view, which makes it difficult to visualize your three dimensional models. To better visualize the model, you can remove all the lines that are hidden behind other entities or surfaces when seen from the current viewpoint. Shading goes a step further by removing hidden lines and then assigning flat colors to the visible surfaces, making them appear solid. Shaded images are useful when you want to quickly visualize your model as a solid entity, though they lack depth and definition.

Rendering provides an even more realistic image of your model, complete with light sources, shadows, surface material properties, and reflections, giving your model a photo-realistic look. As shown in the following illustrations, when you render a model, the program removes hidden lines and then shades the surfaces as though they were illuminated from imaginary light sources.